Golf Bucket Hats

Golf is an interesting sport, some of you may not know about it, but it is really a fun game. If you know it, you will aware that it needs some crucial gear to make success. For example, you must have a fairway wood, the putter, golf tees and the outfit to ensure you to get success and have fun. Playing golf means you have to endlessly squint your eyes to look for the ball. Therefore, it is important to have some gears to block the sun when you are playing golf.

Some of you think that normal hats, like baseball caps can also protect you from the sun and the glare of the sunshine. Indeed, they have such function as well, but these normal caps still expose your neck and ears.

The 360-degree-brimmed bucket hat is one of the best golf hats for sun protection because its all-round brim offers the completely protection for blocking the harmful UV rays and keeps you cool. You may have thought the bucket hat with wide brim will block your vision. Actually, there is a hole in the golf course, so you just hit the ball into that hole.

No hat can keep you from getting burnt completely, while you should choose a hat with wide brim to protect you from the hot sun and keep you cool.

As we get older, the risk of skin cancer will increase too. It is best to choose a bucket hat with big dome and wide brim without blocking your vision. Thus, I will give you some options to prevent your skin turning into a leather handbag and protecting your face, ears and neck from the harsh rays.

Outdoors Cotton Hat

The outdoors bucket hat is constructed of 100% cotton with the rating of UPF50+. It has mesh holes on the top that allows the air pass through the fabric and let you feel cool. Your sweat will evaporate through these mesh holes. You don’t have to worry about the sun will come through the hat.

This hat comes with a sweatband which will prevent your sweat rolling down into your eyes and keep your head dry and cool. There is an adjustable chin strap which helps keep the hat in place. You can adjust the right size of the hat and make it fit your head.

Wide-brim Golf Hat

This bucket hat has a wide brim which can protect your whole face, ears and neck. It is like an umbrella which gives you all-around protection. The material of the hat may be not light and its design looks less stylish, but if you mainly concern its sun protection, this hat may be the best choice for you.

Floral Design Bucket Hat

If you like hats with floral patterns on them, you can try this one. This bucket golf hat is very stylish and characteristic. Do not think that you can only wear solid-colored hats on the course. A bright-colored bucket hat can express your personality.

This hat is packable that you can fold it and put it in your bag. The soft texture of the hat will make you wear it comfortably.